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Center for Nonmarket Strategy affiliates frequently comment on critical issues at the intersection of business and politics and are available for media commentary and analysis.

"Nonmarket Strategy: Winning Beyond the Market"

In this piece, David Bach outlines the core tenents of nonmarket strategy as a driver of competitive advantage.

The Smart Manager, Sep-Oct 2008
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"Spanish business leaders maintain silence"

Includes statements from David Bach about lobbying practices in Spain.

Financial Times, March 2, 2007
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"Testing the waters for signs of political risk"

In this contribution to the FT Managing Risk series, David Bach argues that business can pro-actively manage and mitigate political risk through corporate strategy. This not only applies to conventional sources of political risk, such as expropriation and changing regulation, but also new or unconventional sources of risk such as global terrorism.

Financial Times, September 9, 2005
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