The Center for Non Market Strategy


Center affiliates have ample consulting experience and have worked with several leading companies on how to build competitive advantage in the nonmarket environment.

"The European Regulatory State and Global Public Policy: Micro-Institutions, Macro-Influence"
Journal of European Politics 14:6 (2007)
by David Bach and Abraham L. Newman
"Local Power, Global Reach: The Domestic Institutional Roots of Internet Governance"
St. Anthony's International Review 2:2 (2007)
by David Bach and Abraham L. Newman
"The International Implications of China's Fledgling Regulatory State: From Product Maker to Rule Maker"
New Political Economy 11:4 (2006)
by David Bach, Abraham L. Newman and Steven Weber
"Política de defensa de la competencia y estrategias no-de-mercado: enseñanzas obtenidas del caso Volvo-Scania"
Revista de Empresa 16 (2006)
by David Bach
"The challenges of classification: Emerging VOIP regulation in Europe and the United States"
First Monday 10:7 (2005)
by David Bach and Jonathan Sallet
Case Studies
BP: Beyond Petroleum?
A multimedia case examining how John Brown's vision took BP from an undifferentiated player in the highly competitive oil industry to the world's first green petroleum company paving the way for BP to become a global industry giant. Authors: David Allen and David Bach
FC Barcelona
A multimedia case examining the young Laporta team presidential election strategy and subsequent organizational turnaround instrumental in FC Barcelona's re-emergence as a world top five football club
XBox Let's play!
Interactive case study that analyses the strategy used by Microsoft to enter the video game industry by launching a new games console: XBox.
Uncommon Value
An interactive, multi-player computer simulation built around a collective action problem that received the 2005 IE Multimedia Award in the category "Most Innovative"
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